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Foam Pumpkin Carving 101

The obvious advantage of carving foam Jack O' Lanterns is that they're of uniform size, shape and color. They're also less messy than real pumpkins according to my wife- honestly you get pumpkin guts on the ceiling once and can't live it down . Click on any of the pictures below to see it full size. Before carving make sure you assemble the tools below:

Unlike pumpkin carving where you use knives, saws and scoops, foam pumpkins only need a good razor knife (available everywhere). You will also need something to make the holes of the patterns - I used a ice pick.


Assemble or draw your pattern.



Obviously foam and open flame do not mix so you'll need an artificial light source. On the left is a foam pumkin light kit that you plug into a outlet, available at many craft centers. On the right is a strobe pumpkin light marketed by pumpkin masters that runs on batteries - also available at many craft centers, superstores and seasonal Halloween stores.

Make sure you gather your beverage of choice.


Tunes make the job go faster.



Now we're ready to get started. Lets rock this joint! Click here to start carving.